This place is so cold
and I feel too old to let myself go numb

The passing years have left a bitter taste
and now the time has come

Should I blame myself looking back
and feel guilty ‘bout what I should have done ?

Or take all the lessons that I’ve learned
and finally have the strength to mourn this safety zone ?

One chapter ends, and  I look forward to writing the next one
For this, I need to chase away the ghosts at my back.

Because I buried too much distrust in the stones
and hid so many memories deep in the cellar

Maybe this place links me too much to the past
And now it’s time to leave this shelter

The End

I have no idea how I can calm this storm
All my ideals have scattered to some distant shore
There’s no going back, the seeds we plant don’t grow
All could be swept away by one more reckless flood.

I wanna hear you say that you respect my quest
Or at least : all the best, thanks for the rest.
Do you think it’s nothing more than pointless flight ?
No, I just need to get out of your sight

The end is here, I can’t wait no more for miracles to appear
Now it’s for real, we got another part of ourselves to reveal

We can try to act like someone made this mess
Each one waiting on the other to confess
Wasting time looking for someone who’s to blame
It would be wiser to just step out of the frame

The end is here, I can’t wait no more for miracles to appear
Now it’s for real, we got another part of ourselves to reveal


As i Was writing From a Cell
I Don’t really have a Story to Tell
The pen just wouldn’t touch the page
And the comedy’s now played offstage

Would it be enough to be depressed
For inspiration to be invoked.
For now it is only boredom
which seems to impose itself.

Now the season’s changed at last,
into something I don’t recognize
Have I dried out like this old bread
that we throw to seagulls on Sunday

the other

Hey man have you something to teach me ?
For so many years I’ve been looking for you.
I’ll be good I’ll lend an ear
Your friends say you know the truth

Wise man, I know you see it on my face
I lost my faith in the human race
How can fences be the solution ?
When being free means locking every door ?

Yes I don’t understand my brothers
I saw the barricades and the borders

How could I not feel guilty ?
As they dig holes around the walls
I never thought it’d be so easy
to turn one’s heart into stone

I’d like to rediscover the brilliance of the colors
and silence all the fools who have lost their honor.
Yes, I am nothing, and my voice is so weak
But I can’t just turn the other cheek